Protect Your Vision from Harmful Sunrays

Shamrock Family Eye Care offers you high-end designer sunglasses by Maui Jim, Oakley, Ray Ban, Coach, and Kate Spade among others.

Why is it important to take good care of your eyes with high-quality sunglasses? The effects of UV are cumulative. In fact, every year 3.2 million people go blind from eye conditions caused by prolonged exposure to UV.

However, considering that 80 percent of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV occurs by age 18, wearing high-quality sunwear that blocks most UVA and UVB rays is just as important for kids as adults.

  • Sunglasses should provide protection from ultraviolet rays in sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) light damages the cornea and the retina. Good sunglasses can eliminate most harmful UV rays.

  • Sunglasses must provide protection from intense light to reduce squinting and maximize vision while driving or enjoying the outdoors.

  • Sunglasses provide protection from glare. Certain surfaces, such as water, can reflect a great deal of light, and the bright spots can be distracting or can hide objects. Good sunglasses can completely eliminate this kind of glare using polarization.

Poor-quality sunglasses often give up all of these benefits and can even make things worse. For example, if your sunglasses offer no UV protection, you increase your exposure to UV rays. Poor-quality sunglasses block some of the light, causing your iris to open and make the pupil opening larger to allow more light in. This lets in more UV rays as well, increasing the damage UV rays cause to the retina.

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