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About Shamrock Family Eye Care

Shamrock Family Eye Care was established in 1975 and has continued to be one of the premier eye care providers in central Ohio. We always promise to serve our patients and our community with the highest level of care by utilizing the most advanced technology. We look forward to seeing you at Shamrock!

About Us
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Our Business Philosophy 

Shamrock Family Eye Care is proud to be the first optometry practice established in Dublin, Ohio. Started by Dr. William Quelette in 1975, we honor his legacy by continuing the business philosophy he instilled in our practice from the beginning:

  • Be a friend to your patient: Form an unimpeachable trust.

  • No problem is too small: Keep your ears open mostly and your mouth shut usually.

  • Pay attention to details: The little things will set you apart.

  • Give yourself away: There are those in greater need than yourself.

  • Treat your patient as you would your own family.

  • Stay updated, remain consistent, and be accessible.