Eye Care Technology

“I highly recommend Shamrock Eye Care! Their staff is super friendly, their office is clean, their technology is top notch…” – Melissa D.

Part of the mission at Shamrock Family Eye Care is to provide our patients with the most advanced technology available in the eye care industry. As new technologies arise, we seek to reinvest in these breakthroughs in an effort to provide our patients the highest quality level of care and service they deserve. With our community’s eye health in mind to protect, we have carefully selected each state of the art piece of equipment in our office. Please see below for an overview of some of the technology’s available at Shamrock Family Eye Care.

In-Office State-of-the-Art Lens Finishing Lab

Shamrock Family Eye Care is committed to delivering the highest quality product and we are proud to have the most advanced state of the art lens finishing lab in our office. This means that we are able to personally make your glasses utilizing the highest level of technology in as little as a few days!**

**exceptions apply since some vision insurance companies mandate that we send your glasses to a specific finishing lab

Optomap Retinal Exam

The optomap is a digital retinal imaging system that takes an ultra-wide field image of the retina, capturing about 95% of your retina. This provides us with a better view the retina, aiding in diagnosis and identification of ocular changes.

iCare Tonometer

No more puff of air! This new device measures eye pressure without a puff and does not require any eye drops. This makes checking eye pressure to identify diseases such as glaucoma more pleasant for our patients.

Corneal Topographer

An imaging device for mapping the surface and curvature of the cornea. Since many vision changes result from changes to the shape of the cornea, it is important to have an accurate images when determing our patient’s vision and eye health.

Humphrey Matrix Visual Field Machine

A tool for the diagnosis and follow-up of glaucoma as well as other ocular diseases. The visual field machine checks for loss of peripheral vision, detection of retinal disease, optic nerve disease and other conditions.

Computerized Visual Acuity Charts

Visual Acuity is a measure of the how clearly you can see. Computerized visual acuity charts randomize letters and shapes ensuring that we will be able to maximize visual acuity without the risk of memorizing a chart.

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